Podcasts on SNO-GO Webinar + Certification Standards

Get ready for the season with First Chair podcasts about how SNO-GO can help expand your snowsports offerings, and how the updated Certification Standards will result in a more consistent path to success for PSIA-AASI members.

Rob and Shaun Discuss SNO-GO Webinar

First Chair catches up with SNO-GO colleagues, Rob Aseltine and Shaun Cattanch, about SNO-GO, which looks like a snow bike and is leading a new era of technology for winter sports. Rob and Shaun talk about SNO-GO’s mechanics work and why it’s the perfect device for ripping groomers, parks, and pow. Take the free SNO-GO webinar on Wednesday, Sept. 30 from 5 – 6 p.m. MDT to get the scoop on how this fun alternative to skiing or riding is helping our industry reach new and more experienced snowsports enthusiasts.

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Certification Standards Update with Jeb and Dave

First Chair catches up with PSIA-AASI National Team Head Coach, Jeb Boyd, and PSIA-AASI Director of Education, Dave Schuiling, about PSIA-AASI’s Certification Standards and the work that’s being done with PSIA-AASI’s education leaders, including the Education Leadership Council and the PSIA-AASI National Team, to update PSIA-AASI these standards. Learn about the journey PSIA-AASI’s education leaders have taken since the 2016 National Leadership Summit to work towards increasing consolidation, consistency, and cooperation for PSIA-AASI’s education and certification programs. Learn how the updated certification standards will result in a clearer, more consistent path to success for you and all of PSIA-AASI’s members.