7 Questions with Grant Bishop

Catch up with members of the PSIA-AASI National Team, and candidates invited to the 2021 Team Selection, as they discuss how they are staying in shape this summer, making goals for next winter, and creating new education resources for the association.

This week we catch up with PSIA Telemark Team member Grant Bishop.

How are you staying busy?

From March through June I worked on the board of a local Covid relief fund created to help locals. It was incredibly gratifying to read through applications and share money with struggling community members. I am very proud of how Wyoming’s Jackson Hole came through.

Once July hit, we started having one of the busiest tourist seasons ever in Jackson where I’ve been working fifteen hour days as a guide on the Snake River. I’m encouraged that our community has kept Covid rates down during such a busy summer season, and I’m hoping we can do the same this winter!

What is your go to fall workout?

I usually start the fall offseason with a bit of rest to try and give my body a break from a grueling summer of rowing boats. I’ll usually do some light ski fitness classes and some climbing to get back into ski shape.  Generally, my goal is to ease into ski season rather than to start at full strength.

Big goals for next season?

Making the PSIA-AASI National Team again! We have been working on getting some footage of telemark skiing and drills to put in the upcoming Performance Guide. I would love to have some good footage up for members to see this winter. I also want to get on the snowboard more.

Which digital resource would you recommend for other members?

It is great to see that there is a lot out there. If you are a telemark skier, I recommend joining the PSIA Telemark group on Facebook. It can be hard to find good info for telemark skiers and this is a good forum. I also recommend exploring avenues that are off your main track – a second discipline, freestyle, children, etc.  – getting out of your comfort zone is very helpful.

Favorite ski movie?

Swift Silent Deep, the story of the Jackson Hole Air Force. It is definitely a classic that everyone should watch!

What educational initiative or task force project are you working on right now?

We are currently working on the Telemark Performance Guide. It will be a clear and useful guide to both candidates and examiners for future exams.

Any shout out to share?

Shout out to anyone wearing a mask and doing their part. It really is up to us to keep this winter alive and to keep our mountains open. As long as we can keep Covid down in our communities, we will be able to work and play in the snow this winter!