7 Questions with Ryan Christofferson

Catch up with members of the PSIA-AASI National Team, and candidates invited to the 2021 Team Selection, as they discuss how they are staying in shape this summer, making goals for next winter, and creating new education resources for the association.

This week we catch up with PSIA Alpine Team member Ryan Christofferson.

How are you staying busy?

I have been doing the projects I said I would do if I had the time. So redoing my bathroom, working on my entryway. I painted my motorcycle. I also got to spend a week at Mt. Hood with fellow teammates Robin Barnes, Dave Lyon, Michael Rogan, and Ann Schorling. I am trying to keep some resemblance of a routine so that when things get back to normal(ish) it’s not too big of a shock, although I have been playing video games like I am in grade school again.

What is your go-to offseason workout?

I try to do year-round strength training and cardio to keep in shape and I have also gotten into Pilates, both mat and on the reformer. I like Pilates because of the whole body and core strengthening, but also for the focus on creating stabilization while isolating body parts and creating a better range of motion.

Big goals for next season?

My goal for last year was to have a successful Team Selection. That is still the case, but now I’m also doing my part so our organization can have a successful winter. What that looks like right now is not set in stone, but between PSIA-AASI and resorts’ resources I think we can find a balance and create a good productive season – for our guests and our members.

Which digital resource would you recommend for other members?

Right now my favorite is the Teaching Snowsports Manual. With its focus on the Learning Connection it supports the direction snowsports is headed and is a must read.

Favorite ski movie?

Aspen Extreme. I would watch that movie on the weekends in my friend’s camper at the ski resort as soon as we got back from night skiing. I wish there were more ski/snowboard action drama movies.

What educational initiative or taskforce projects are you working on right now?

I am a part of the Freestyle Taskforce and the Webinar Taskforce. The Freestyle Taskforce is wrapping up some of the alignment projects that all the taskforces have been working on, I’m looking forward to seeing the implementation of the updated Certification Standards. The Webinar Taskforce is creating online learning recommendations, it is something that our organization has been heading towards but became a priority with the current circumstances. I feel that our organizations leaders adapted quickly and we are in a good place.

Any shout out you would like to share?

It’s been heartwarming to see how the ski community has been checking in on their friends and family. Times are different, and many instructors thrive or need the human interaction that we have been restricted from for five months now. Getting the phone calls to just catch up or having the Zoom happy hours have definitely helped with that missing piece. I just want to thank everyone that’s been a part of that. It is much appreciated, and I know I’m not the only one who has needed it.