7 Questions with Alpine Team Member Stephen Helfenbein

Catch up with members of the PSIA-AASI National Team, and candidates invited to the 2021 Team Selection, as they discuss how they are staying in shape this summer, making goals for next winter, and creating new education resources for the association.

This week we catch up with PSIA Alpine Team member Stephen Helfenbein, who discusses parenting, his go-to workout, and his favorite snowsports movie.

How are you staying busy?

Parenting, house projects, gym workouts, and cycling.

What is your go-to offseason workout?

Hill sprints.

Big goals for next season?

Stay healthy for Team Selection and work on developing a new educational resource for members.

Which digital resource would you recommend for other members?

I just stumbled on to the YouTube video series “The Dan and Ron Show” by Ron Kipp and Dan Rey from Squaw Valley, California. It’s goofy and informative!

What’s your favorite snowsports movie?

That’s it, That’s all by Travis Rice.

What educational initiative or taskforce project are you working on right now?

I’m a member of the Education Leadership Council and the Webinar Task Force. The Webinar Task Force is working on outlining best practices for webinar based education that will balance the needs of the members, the divisions, and the presenters.

Any shout out you would like to share?

To all the parents out there, you all are heroes for balancing all the demands that go along with these unique circumstances. Appreciate this time! While challenging at moments, the opportunity to create a deeper connection with my child over the past several months has been invaluable. Get creative and find something new to do with them.