First Chair Podcasts: People Skills + How to Make a Living as a Full Time Instructor

These two First Chair podcasts talk about how important people skills are to each lesson you teach, and also to your ongoing success as a professional instructor.

Ann Schorling Explains How to Incorporate People Skills Into Your Lessons

PSIA Alpine Team member Ann Schorling discusses her work on the people skills fundamentals, one of the main tenants of PSIA-AASI’s Learning Connection framework. People skills encourage an empathetic approach to students and their needs, and promote a relationship based on trust and respect. In this First Chair Podcast, Ann chats about how incorporating people skills into your lessons can help you make decisions based on your student’s needs, motivations, and goals.

How to Make a Living as a Full Time Instructor

In this podcast, First Chair catches up with Zoe Mavis of Big Sky, Montana, and Pete Allison, from Penn State University about how to make a living as a full time ski or snowboard instructor. Zoe and Pete share tips on how to achieve success. Also, learn how you can advance from becoming a good to a great instructor through education and boosting your people skills.