7 Questions with PSIA Alpine Team Candidate Nate Gardner

Catch up with members of the PSIA-AASI National Team, and the candidates who have been invited to 2021 Team Selection, as they discuss how they are staying in shape this summer, making goals for next winter, and creating new education resources for the association.

This week, we talk to Alpine Team candidate Nate Gardner, who works as the Training Manager at Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont and is a PSIA-E Examiner.

Listen to Nate discuss how changes in the dates of Team Selection made him reset is goals.

How are you staying busy?

Currently we are in the midst of homeschooling our six-year-old through first grade and raising our nine-month-old. I’m also doing home and yard projects, setting aside time for staying fit, and getting outside. My older son and I are building a mountain bike trail on our property so we can continue to ride despite trail closures in our area.

What is your go-to off season workout?

I got into CrossFit because it helps me build functional strength through high intensity workouts. I am also an avid mountain biker, I love how it works both aerobic and anerobic capacity. There is also great crossover to skiing, when cornering a bike you should manage pressure from foot to foot and direct more pressure to the outside pedal while also controlling bike lean through a combination of inclination and body angulation.

Big goals for next season?

Obviously there is the 2021 Team Selection in April. Within that are a few lead measures of time in the gym, time on skis working on areas I would like to strengthen, and time in front of peers presenting information.

Which digital resource would you recommend for other members right now?

The Teaching Snowsports Manual has been a go-to for me this spring. A lot of the information in the Teaching Skills sections have been valuable in how we homeschool our oldest, and the People Skills section has information that has helped my family while we live a little more closely than before.

What’s your favorite ski movie?

I have three, all for different reasons. Warren Miller’s Endless Winter was my first ski movie and holds a special place for me. Sean Warman’s Imagine for its direct relevance to our industry. And I think Sherpa Cinema’s Into the Mind is one of the best cinematic films in the genre.

What educational initiative are you working on?

I am doing a lot of work on e-learning for both the PSIA-AASI Eastern Division and for Stowe/Vail Resorts. We have to look differently at how we deliver education.

Any shout out you would like to share?

To all those members who were preparing for exams at the end of the season, I feel your pain, but this will just be a little blip in all our careers. Keep your head up and keep learning. Certification is just a marker on your timeline. Learning/Progressing/Developing New Skills is forever.