Team Selection to Take Place in 2021 as Present Team Serves ‘Bonus Year’

The PSIA-AASI education staff and team coaches announced they have decided on a positive path forward for the PSIA-AASI National Team Selection that will continue to build on the current team’s successes and also provide valuable benefits for members.

“The selection process will be moved to Breckenridge immediately following next year’s National Academy,” said PSIA-AASI Director of Education Dave Schuiling. “In essence, everything planned for this spring will roll forward to next spring. Divisional nominations will remain intact.”

Listen to Dave and Team Coach Jeb Boyd discuss the new Team Selection plan in this First Chair podcast.

National Academy, Rider Rally, Telemark Academy, and 2020 Team Selection were all canceled to reduce non-essential travel and minimize the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the association to continue to develop The Learning Connection – particularly People Skills –  implement new National Standards, and maintain the ability to provide quality clinics to members across the country, PSIA-AASI invited current team members to serve another year.

“This situation brings a unique opportunity for the current team to drive the success forward for another year and support the future team,” said Team Coach Jeb Boyd. “We already have incredible momentum with the Strategic Alignment Initiative, National Standards, and the Learning Connection. We’re in a position to capitalize on the strength of the leadership we have and the impact it has on the association, and also set a strong foundation the next team.”

This will be the first-ever five-year team. The following team will experience a first three-year term, which will start in spring 2021 and run through academy 2024. In 2024, the team will again follow the plan for a four-year term.

“The decision to shorten the next term was not taken lightly. It was based around the value we place on Interski and the importance to get our team cycle realigned to that event since it serves as a significant force for content development for membership,” said Boyd. “As a result, getting back on a four-year cycle gives future teams time to bond and formulate and refine plans to drive educational initiatives for years to come.”

For PSIA-AASI National Team candidates invited to participate in the 2020 Team Selection, their invitation is now extended to the new event in 2021. Current team coaches Scott Anfang (snowboard) and David Lawrence (cross country), who were going to step down from their position after this term, have been invited to help Eric Rolls and Emily Lovett spend the bonus year defining the skills and initiatives they will focus on in their new term.

“We’re really in an enviable situation, to have so many talented individuals who are so passionate about instruction,” said Schuiling. “Even as this pandemic impacts our daily lives around the world, we can still work on refining the resources that will benefit members when we get back on snow.”