Early Success for Junior Instructor Program + New Video

The PSIA-AASI Junior Instructor Program helps young outdoor enthusiasts build professional skills as a ski or snowboard instructor.

Nearly 100 users enrolled in the online course this season. According to PSIA-AASI Education Development Specialist Mariah Feno, 26 of those enrolled completed the in-house training with their local snowsports school then submitted their course portfolio to become a certified junior instructor.

“The first group we had finish the program came from Hanson Hills Snowsports School in Michigan,” said Feno. “They even wrote an article about their junior instructors.”

Feno shared, “We really encourage the schools to make this program their own. Especially when it comes to the training course and shadow lessons. Sam Lotto from Smugglers Notch adjusted the letter of intent section and had his participants write an essay explaining what they learned from the program.”

Feno said essay questions include:

  • What have you learned from the program and shadowing groups?
  • How would you be a good addition to the Smugglers Notch Junior Instructor Staff?
  • How would you make sure your lessons are a safe and fun experience?
  • How would you help the lead instructor make sure all the students are learning?
  • What excites you most about working as a Junior Instructor?
  • Pick one of the most challenging things you have learned about being a Junior Instructor and explain how you could overcome it?

“I loved that he did this, because it really helps him – and us – see what the students are getting out of the program and how they want to contribute to snowsports. This program is a great start for young adults to learn more about the industry.”

Feno also made a video for schools to learn more about the program, which PSIA-AASI member-schools can easily share on their own social media channels.

See how your school can encourage more young outdoor enthusiasts to build their personal and professional skills with the Junior Instructor Program.