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Name: Brad Noren
Member Since: 1971
Primary Discipline(s): Alpine and Cross Country
PSIA-AASI Division: Central

Resort(s):  Active Backwoods Retreat and Big Powderhorn in Michigan.

Certifications/Credentials: Alpine Level III and Cross Country II 

What inspired you to become an instructor? I love teaching people how to ski. I started teaching as a high school student, taught in college, and I’m still at it. It’s an amazing experience.

What keeps you coming back to teach every year? The joy of watching people learn to enjoy skiing.

What stands out about your teaching? I have a lot of repeat customers. They come back because they always learn and have fun.

What’s one accessory, tool, or education resource you keep in your pocket? I like to use the coaches eye app, it’s a video analysis tool.

Is there an “insider tip” you’d share with new members? Remind your students that they are using skills in their skiing movements – no matter what level they are at, they are using skills to slide on snow.

Describe a teaching or learning experience that sticks out in your mind. Any time I compare and contrast my skiing. For instance, in alpine skiing do a heavy edged turn and then a heavy steered turn and compare the two.

Where can we find you in the summers? And doing what? Bike riding and kayaking.

Anything we missed? “Glide Long and Prosper”

Connect with Brad Noren on Twitter: @vatrix8 or on his website: www.nordicfusion.ski

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