New PSIA-AASI Scholarships

PSIA-AASI has created three new scholarships to create more educational resources for schools, instructors, and military veterans who are working in the outdoor industry.

Small Snowsports School Scholarships

This scholarship gives small snowsports schools across the country, who are PSIA-AASI Member Schools, access to educational events and education leaders, such as PSIA-AASI National Team members, who provide experiences that may be career-changing. Small schools are training the future leaders of our industry to make the commitment to educate the public about skiing and snowboarding.

Certification or Specialist Education Track Scholarship

This scholarship program awards members and non-members with funds to pursue a certification or specialist education track. These scholarships help offset expenses related to preparing for and attending a certification or specialist credential during the 2019-20 season. This scholarship will help individuals become better teachers by pursuing education to help them achieve the standard for personal performance, teaching, professional knowledge, and technical skiing and riding skills. Recipients can also deepen their knowledge base by attending an event to improve their skiing, riding, and teaching.

Veteran Workforce and Education Track Scholarship

In partnership with the 10th Mountain Division Foundation, this scholarship program awards active and non-active military PSIA-AASI members and non-PSIA-AASI members with an education opportunity that supports veterans as they transition to and pursue a career in the outdoor industry during the 2019-20 season.