Adaptive Ski & Snowboard Free Resources

Become an adaptive instructor and get free teaching materials to help you and your students learn and improve. Use this map to find an adaptive ski or snowboard school near you.

Adaptive Alpine Technical Manual

The Adaptive Alpine Technical Manual will help instructors build and enhance adaptive snowsports programs and help train other adaptive instructors.

“The manual is a great learning resource that compliments other alpine teaching materials,” said PSIA-AASI Adaptive Team Coach Geoff Krill.

“It’s an indispensable resource for anyone in the alpine or adaptive disciplines,” said co-author Katie Zinn (Adaptive Level III examiner, Alpine Level II, Freestyle Specialist 1, and Children’s Specialist 2). “It’s a must-have for all instructors who work in the adaptive field or want to gain a new perspective on teaching and it includes student assessment, equipment, and progressions.”

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Adaptive Instruction Supplement: Diagnoses & Medication Classifications

The Adaptive Instruction Supplement: Diagnoses & Medication Classifications supplements the Adaptive Alpine Technical Manual and outlines information on common diagnoses and medication classifications that may factor into the decisions you make with your students.

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