Want to Improve Your Skiing? New E-Courses Show You How to Take Your Skiing to the Next Level

If learning to ski is on your to do list, or you’re an intermediate to advanced skier wanting to master your skills, four new e-courses created with content from the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and SKI Magazine are designed as comprehensive guides to help you improve at any level.

“Anyone who wants to learn about how to get started skiing, or to perform better on the slopes can take these courses to up their ski game and feel more confident on the slopes this season,” says Nicholas Herrin, CEO of the Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI). “These courses give anyone an opportunity to learn from some of the best ski instructors while in the comfort of their own home. Our instructors featured in these courses take the mystery out of how to get started skiing or how to advance your skills. They demonstrate easy tips to help anyone improve to make skiing easy and fun!”

The four courses: Intro to Skiing, How to Break Through, Mastering the Steeps, and How to Ski Bumps were designed as standalone courses to help ski enthusiasts focus in on the areas they want to improve.

  • The Intro to Skiing course is a comprehensive guide to equipment and basic ski techniques for the beginner skier. It covers topics ranging from how to put on ski boots and load the ski lift, to how to maneuver on skis to control speed.
  • The How to Break Through course teaches skills to help a skier confidently handle all the different types of terrain that they might experience on the mountain. Learn how to tackle bumps (moguls), carve on groomers like a ski racer, and become confident when going down steep terrain.
  • The Mastering the Steeps course shows skiers how to slay the steepest runs. Learn advanced techniques and tactics to ski tough, adrenaline-pumping lines with confidence.
  • The How to Ski Bumps course gives skiers the skills needed to survive and thrive on terrain where the groomers never go—all while looking good doing it. The course is good for individuals who sometimes ski bumps and want to smooth their technique, or for someone who has never left the groomed trails and avoided skiing bumps until now.

PSIA Alpine Team Coach Michael Rogan serves as instructor for a few courses, he has a lot of experience teaching across skill levels, from beginners who have never skied to members of the U.S. Ski Team. “I teach many beginners and advanced students,” says Rogan.  “No matter the skill level, I love getting people hooked on skiing and helping them find a love for the sport. There is nothing better than seeing the sparkle in a student’s eye when they figure out how to make their skis work for them – skiing this winter will let you participate in a new type of adventure.”

PSIA Alpine Team member and course instructor Eric Lipton explains the courses don’t take the place of an on-snow lesson, but they do provide a strong foundation so that an instructor can help skiers refine the skills learned in these courses during a lesson at the resort.

Each online course is divided into multiple-parts, and each lesson uses a variety of formats including photo descriptions, video, and interactive content to encourage learning and understanding. The online courses are available at http://www.thesnowpros.org/ski-magazine-courses from $89 to $149. After purchase, access the course anytime, anywhere from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The courses are designed to be taken in six weeks, but unlimited access allows you to take the course at your own time and pace.

Visit PSIA-AASI’s Take a Lesson page to learn more about the benefits of taking a lesson from a professional instructor.