The AASI/Burton Riglet PE Course Helps PE Teachers Get Kids Snowboarding

Students can now have fun learning to snowboard indoors during physical education (PE) class. With developments in equipment, terrain, and education, learning how to snowboard has never been easier both indoors and outdoors, and students can now learn while playing fun games in the comfort of their school’s gym. The American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI) and Burton have partnered to create the AASI/Burton Riglet PE Course, available for free on, to help PE teachers, or anyone else who works with children, learn how to introduce kids in kindergarten through second grade to the sport of snowboarding.

“You can learn through play, and the Riglet School program lets kids have fun and get familiar with snowboarding equipment before they even get onto snow” said snowboard instructor and AASI Snowboard team member Chris Rogers. “Kids learn so quickly—it’s great to watch them pick things up and progress as they fall in love with a sport they can enjoy for their lifetime.”

Jeff Boliba, vice president of Burton Global Resorts, explained that, This is an excellent way for teachers to expand their sport options for PE by introducing kids to snowboarding.   By learning the fundamentals indoors before they start on snow the kids are set up to have more success.  The partnership we have had with AASI for 20 years continues to yield innovative work that will help ensure snowboarding has a prosperous future.”

The AASI/Burton Riglet PE Course

The free e-Learning (online) course contains four separate modules: Getting Started with the Burton Riglet PE Course, Gym Environment & Burton Riglet PE Equipment, Snowboard Skill Transfer and Benefits, and Taking It to Snow. It’s designed to complement the Burton Riglet PE Manual, which includes an in-depth eight-lesson plan that helps students take their newfound snowboarding skills from the gym to the slopes.

“The e-learning course will help you get your students familiar with the Burton Riglet Board and games so they can learn new skills and body movements while having fun during gym class,” said Tony Macri, a snowboard instructor and AASI team member. “The course includes modules, instructions, and videos that will show you how to help your students find success snowboarding.”

The Burton Riglet PE Program for Teachers

The AASI/Burton Riglet PE Course includes an overview about the Burton Riglet PE equipment and the games and activities to play using the equipment. The equipment is specifically designed to be used in the gym, and it comes together in a kit that includes: Hover Covers, Riglet Boards, Throwback Boards, PE Riglet Reels, Dual Pull Handles, the Grab Mat Game with dice, Foam Blocks, Spooner Boards, DVD, Manual and the Kit Bag. The Burton Riglet PE course uses six stations to teach students different skills, and allows students at different skill levels to all learn together. Stations include: Pulling/Riding, Spooner Board, Riglet Board on Foam Blocks, Grab Mat Game, and a Video Station. Each station facilitates the learning of a different snowboard skill that can later be transferred to snowboarding on snow.

“By bringing the first introduction to snowboarding into elementary schools we are breaking down some of the barriers to entry and accessibility,” said Boliba. “It also motivates physical educators and schools to incorporate this lifetime sport into their teaching curriculum.  The new e-learning course now enables us to provide the initial online training for teachers to get started in their schools.”

How to get Your Students Snowboarding

The AASI/Burton Riglet PE Course is available for free at > Education > E-Learning to AASI members and non-members. Visit Burton Riglet to learn more about the Burton Riglet PE program and to order the equipment kit.

To learn more about the PSIA-AASI and Burton Riglet partnership, check out the “Kids Can Snowboard” video on the PSIA-AASI YouTube channel.