When is the Best Time for You to Take a Vacation? David Oliver Knows!

Still planning to take your big vacation before summer ends and winter starts? PSIA-AASI Alpine Team Freestyle Specialist David Oliver says, “Not so fast.”

Not only does Oliver advise it’s better to take your vacation in late September or early October, when the air is cool and the rest of the world is back at work, he also thinks the worst time to go on an extended break is right after the season stops.

“My old track & field coach used to always tell me, ‘run through the finish line,’” Oliver said. “And I apply that same line of thinking to the ski season. After a long winter,, most people want to take a vacation and blow off steam, but I don’t believe in suddenly going from 60 mph to a dead stop.”

Instead, Oliver says professional instructors should “stay in motion.” Physically, it will help you build on the skills you just spent an entire winter perfecting. And mentally, it will help you finish strong while there’s still time to ride the lifts.

“It impedes your performance to be thinking about shutting down while you’re still skiing,” Oliver said. “Where if you imagine you’re still getting in shape for another sport, you’ll keep pushing yourself.”

As for what comes after the ski season, Oliver recommends sports with a heavy focus on motion and balance. “Whether it’s skateboarding, running, or mountain biking, having an aerobic activity that involves a lot of weight transfer and travel is a big help when you’re back on the snow.”

Now as for that vacation, Oliver recommends you take it just before the new ski and snowboard season starts. After working hard all summer, it will allow you to relax and clear your mind before you start four to six months of hard work.

And, he says, “No matter where you go, whether it’s a tropical island, Disney World, or even Paris, you’ll be there at least a month after everyone else has gone home. You’ll pretty much have the place all to yourself.”

– Peter Kray