PSIA-AASI Western Division - Membership Reinstatement Request

For members who have let their annual dues and education lapse, we offer the option of reinstating your former membership. We recommend you reinstate with the division you currently work or live in. The PSIA-AASI Western Division covers the territory of CALIFORNIA and NEVADA.

Contact us at or (530) 587 - 7642 for more information.
  • Please list the address where you would like your membership card and/or certifications mailed.

  • Individuals wishing to re-join PSIA-AASI as an Alumni member must have an original join date of at least 10-years prior. Alumni members will be excused from continuing education requirements and their certifications will be inactive. View our page on Alumni Membership for the full details:

    Membership runs from July 1 to June 30 of each year.

    Less than 2 years lapsed:
    Pay last season’s missed dues & this season’s current dues
    Become current on your education credit requirements (1-day/6-CEUs each season OR 2-days/12-CEUs every 2-seasons)

    More than 2 years and less than 5 years lapsed:
    Pay $200 for reinstatement & this season’s current dues.
    Attend 1-day of education (6-CEUs) for each season of unpaid dues.

    More than 5 years lapsed:
    Pay $300 for reinstatement & this season’s current dues.
    Attend 4-days of education (24-CEUs) within two seasons.
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    After submitting this form it will be reviewed by the Western division office. You will be contacted within 48-hours with the next steps and/or emailed a PayPal invoice to complete your membership reinstatement.
    Call: 530-587-7642