If you are a Western member in good standing and interested in applying for a scholarship, please click on the list of scholarships available on the left to better understand which best applies to you. Please refer to the various scholarships for the criteria of each scholarship. One scholarship may be applied for yearly.

Scholarship Application Requirements:

  • Applications are for “Active” Western members in good standing who are currently employed in a Western Region Snowsports School
  • Only one scholarship application for one event, per member, per season
  • Applications for Western Events only and not transferrable to another Region with the exception of Sodergren Fund applications for National and International (Interski) events. (see requirements)
  • Letters of Recommendation must be dated and no older than one year
  • Scholarships are for event fees only except for some Sodergren Fund Scholarships

Criteria: Applications will be evaluated based on:

    • Consistent contribution to your snowsports school.
    • Your commitment to the industry.
    • How the scholarship will help you fulfill your personal goals and help the Foundation in carrying out its vision.

Applicants who are awarded a scholarship are requested to submit a statement to the Education Foundation following their event describing the value of the experience, the value of the scholarship, and how it has made or will make them better instructors. The statement may be published in PSIA-AASI emails to the membership or in the regional newsletter.

Scholarships may be awarded to cover the fee for an event, partially or fully. General Education and Adaptive Scholarship funds are not awarded to cover travel or other expenses related to the event.

Sodergren Scholarships can include additional funds for event travel, lodging, and other related expenses if it is part of the package of the organization holding the event. Please be aware that the number of applications always exceeds the available funding, so not all applicants can be awarded a scholarship. Scholarship amounts vary in amount in order to serve the requests of more applicants. Only one application per year.

Thank you for your interest in continuing your snowsports education.

Scholarship Application

Use it or lose itSuccessful applicants must use their scholarship during the season it was awarded. If you are unable to use your scholarship due to illness, injury or other unavoidable issues, you can re-apply the following season.

This is the foundation’s most comprehensive scholarship, offering a broad assortment of certification and education events related to snowsports instruction. It also helps support Western events and programs.

To apply, please read and complete the Scholarship Application and follow the criteria and requirements carefully. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Scholarship Application
This is a non-scholarship award for anything that advances members’ education or education-related projects related to the ski and snowboard teaching industry.

If you would like to submit a request from the Project Development Fund, please send an email to .

This is a “designated fund”, which follows the limitations set forth by friends of the Sodergren’s who established the fund after the disaster in AustraliaThe Sodergren Fund is designed to give current members who are full-time, career ski and snowboard instructors in the Western Division of PSIA-AASI an opportunity to attend a full immersion, multi-day education event that will enhance their personal and professional growth”. They demonstrate a willingness to give back their time, energy, and enthusiasm, as Mike and Mariam Sodergren exemplified.  Examples include Interski, National Academy, National Adaptive Academy, Women’s Seminars and events, National Nordic events, and Western Spring Convention (minimum 2-days).

The scholarship committee will judge candidates as to their experience and desire to become long-term master teachers. The candidate’s application should explain why they want to become master teachers and why they want to continue teaching for many years to come. A candidate should have been teaching at least 60 days per season for the past three seasons or at least 30 days per season for the last five years, and they should be an active member of the Western Division. The committee may make individual exceptions on a case-by-case basis, if they judge the candidate is truly talented and desires to become a long-term master teacher.”

Scholarship Application

Use it or lose itSuccessful applicants must use their scholarship during the season it was awarded. If you are unable to use your scholarship due to illness, injury or other unavoidable issues, you can re-apply the following season.

The Adaptive Fund Scholarship is for individual scholarships for Adaptive education and certification events.

Scholarship Application


In the 2023/2024 Season, the PSIA-AASI Western Region Education Foundation is offering one small school scholarship. PSIA-AASI Western member schools with 100 or fewer staff members, denoting “small schools,” often have less training resources in terms of current Level 3 Certified staff, Resort Trainers, and Regional Education Staff members.  Small School scholarships provide an Education Staff member to conduct a one-day clinic for the chosen small member school.  The clinic will focus on new instructor and Level 1 training.

The application letter deadline is January 12, 2024. 

Western Region snow sports school directors interested in this scholarship will apply by submitting a letter titled “Western Region Small Sports School Scholarship 2023/24” to the Western Region Education Foundation via email.  The letter must include:

  • Number of instructors employed by your school.
  • Number of PSIA-AASI Certified L1, L2, L3, Resort Trainer, and Divisional ED Staff members on your staff.
  • Number of new hire instructors for 2023/24.
  • A brief explanation why your resort deserves this scholarship.
  • Please put in the subject line of your email “Small School Scholarship application.”

Please send your application to . Be sure to include the information noted above.  The letter must be signed by the snow sports school director.  The deadline for submitting an application letter is 1/12/2024.  The decision for the scholarship will be made by January 19, 2024.

We look forward to supporting a small school with this exciting opportunity.

Please click the link below for the National Scholarship opportunities.

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