Download the 2015 Annual Report that details the achievements and progress made by the organization and its members in 2015. This report is a great resource to learn about PSIA-AASI’s mission, the Foundation, education resources, premier events, financial information, and more.

The Annual Report is designed to be an easily shareable resource that provides background on PSIA-AASI’s activities and accomplishments. Enjoy a look at how the largest ski and snowboard education organization in the world has been doing its part to grow snowsports and support its members. If you’re a member and would like to explain to people what you do and the community you’re a part of – share a link to the Annual Report with your family, friends, and social network.

Thank you to PSIA-AASI’s membership, board of directors, and donors. Your support and dedication make it possible for PSIA-AASI to continue to share the stoke of skiing and snowboarding.

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