Heads up! We’re working to improve your shopping experience this month.

Here’s how to purchase an item from PSIA-AASI’s Catalog.

  1. View the digital edition.
  2. Select your product(s).
  3. Write down the product name, size, color, and any other detail.
    1. Use this order form as a guide.
  4. Place your order.
    1. Email 
    2. Call 303.987.9390
    3. Fax your order form (3.a.) to: 303.987.9489
  5. Wait to receive your item.
  6. Enjoy!

Also, note that FedEx only delivers to physical addresses. If you have a P.O. Box and want to place an order, just let us know you prefer to use U.S. Mail as your shipping method. If a P.O. Box is used and FedEx is the shipping method, your order will be pulled, which will delay your shipment.