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Snowmaking Supervisor

Location: Mt Snow, Dover, VT

Job Description

Year-round snowmaking supervisors are responsible for assisting the snowmaking manager and assistant manager in carrying out the day-to-day activities of the snowmaking department. Snowmaking supervisors also work closely with management teams from other mountain operations departments and divisional leadership. Supervisors are also responsible for the oversight of snowmakers working in the department. The duties listed below are crafted to give an overview of general responsibilities and not be an exhaustive list.

Job Responsibilities

  • Show up on time, fit for duty every scheduled work day
  • Communicate sick days in a timely manner and receive approval in advance for time off
  • Work overtime shifts as needed and requested by the department throughout the year
  • Prepare, carry out efficiently and detail daily work lists and tasks
  • Prepare and carry out training (pre-season and ongoing) as needed for your team
  • Maintain clean, organized work spaces and out-buildings throughout the year
  • Leading to empower, train, and mentor department staff
  • Build, evaluate and carry out performance evaluations for your team
  • Following all federal, state mandates and company policies, which include but are not limited to:
  • Vehicle operations, maintenance and documentation
  • OSHA required PPE, company uniform and grooming policies
  • Timely and accurate work and meal breaks, time reporting
  • Timely and accurate incident and injury reporting
  • Daily hosting and reporting of quality safety meetings
  • Check your email on a regular basis (every day or two) and return phone calls/texts in a timely manner (daily)
  • Assist the department manager, assistant manager and maintenance team with other duties as assigned.
  • Ask for help, clarity about things you do not understand or have not yet experienced
  • Seek and pursue your own personal development (Lift classes, outside training)
  • Develop positive relationships with other mountain operations teams and snowmakers throughout Vail Resorts and the industry.
  • Gain a broader understanding of mountain operations as a whole, the challenges and needs of other departments and how snowmaking supports and fits into the big picture goals of the resort.
  • Represent the resort as an industry professional inside and outside the resort
  • Elevate issues on your team or from your workplace to your supervisors
  • Seek out assistance from HR when needed with difficult staffing situations
  • Advise department or divisional management immediately following any incident
  • Check with department management before elevating issues to other departments
  • Know the current status of meaningful information (daily blast, etc.) like road closures, doo routes, and ensure that information is communicated to your team.
  • Attend Mtn Ops staff meetings occasionally or when your department management cannot
  • Attend meetings per invitation.

Experience Required

  • 5 years+ of snowmaking experience
  • At least 1 year of supervisory experience is preferred   

Education Required: High School diploma or equivalent preferred                                   

To apply, please visit

To apply for this job please visit