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Snow Sports Director

Tyrol Basin is looking for a hardworking, snow-loving person who enjoys working with all ages, to join our team this upcoming winter season as our Snow Sports Director!

This person is responsible for overseeing the planning, organization, and operations, activities, and staff within the Snow School. The ideal candidate will have some management, coaching, or leadership experience as well as the ability to either ski or snowboard (but this is not required, as we can teach you. After all, we are Instructors!). This position requires good organization, time-management, and the ability to work in fast-paced, and sometimes high-stress situations. This candidate will have excellent customer service with the ability to maintain composure and always uphold values and policies set out by Tyrol Basin Ownership and Management. This position is primarily performed in an indoor office setting but does sometimes require one to be outdoors in the elements. This candidate will be handling all of the on-snow duties regarding lessons.


  • Help with the training, scheduling, and management of all staff within the Snow School, including Ski & Snowboard Instructors and Desk Staff
  • Performs daily lesson check-in while providing excellent customer service to lesson clients, welcoming them into the world of skiing and snowboarding
  • Assisting clients with the lesson check-in process: payment, filling out rental forms, putting on ski/snowboard equipment, and finding their instructor meeting location
  • Oversees daily Ski & Snowboard Instructor schedule as well as client schedule
  • Answers phones and emails; checks and responds to Snow School voicemail and email
  • Answering lesson questions and offering lesson advice
  • Occasionally helping clients through the online lesson-booking process
  • Works with and assists the Snow Sports Director in the planning of special events and lesson programs going on within the Snow School
  • Daily assigning/pairing of lesson clients to instructor classes
  • Occasionally works as a Ski & Snowboard Instructor (if possessing that ability)
  • Occasionally works as a Ticket Seller and helps with ticket/rental sales as needed

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