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Seeking Alpine and Snowboard Coaches, Instructors, and Competition Crew

HoliMont Snowsports is looking for winter sports enthusiasts to be a part of our Coaching/Instructing team.

Openings in Ski School and Competitive Programs. Minimum Openings are as follows.

Seeking 4 Snowboard Coaches/Instructors – All Ages, Saturdays and Sundays

Seeking 12 Ski Instructors – Children’s Programs, Saturdays and Sundays, No Travel

Seeking 3 Race Coaches – U12/10 Age Group, Saturdays and Sundays, Minimal Travel

Seeking 2 Freestyle Coaches – All Ages, Saturdays and Sundays, Minimal Travel

Seeking 3-5 Competition Crew –3-5 Days/Week, Saturday and Sunday Necessary

HoliMont is an organization strongly centered on the family unit and we are seeking Certified Coaches or Instructors and passionate winter sports enthusiasts looking for training to become certified coaches or instructors. Are all welcome to apply. Applicants should be looking to develop a long-term seasonal coaching/instructing role with a family-centered program and atmosphere dedicated to instilling a lifelong love for winter sports in all.

Competitive Wages – Skiing/Riding Privileges – Team Environment

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