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Alpine Webinar "Did you see that?!" in the Beginner Zone

Day 1: Thursday, May 9, 2024 from 8 pm - 10 pm ET
Day 2: Thursday, May 16, 2024 from 8 pm - 10 pm ET
Day 3: Thursday, May 23, 2024 from 8 pm - 10 pm ET
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Event Type: Webinar

Location: PSIA-AASI Central Webinars - Meeting Room 1
5 minutes beforehand

Host Division: Central

Registration Information:
- Cost: $108.00
- CEUs: 6

Prerequisites: None

Registration Deadline: Saturday, May 4, 2024, 11:59 pm ET

Online Registration: CLOSED

Course Description:

Experienced Instructors in the beginner zone deftly recognize and address movement and skills issues before they slow their students' progress; they facilitate success in a near-seamless fashion.*

It's easy to spot these pros- their groups seem to learn faster and progress further, time after time.

Patterned after our popular "Did You See That?!" Intermediate zone course- "Did You See That?!" In the Beginner Zone makes M.A. accessible for new, developing instructors seeking to hone their craft at the basic level.

Using the O.E.P. model (Observe, Evaluate, Prescribe), you'll work with a Central Education Staff member over three evenings to recognize and describe cause and effect relationships from the outset of your customers' time on skis and continue through the novice zone. Participants will discuss common (and less common) movement issues across various student profiles.

*This course does require attendance at all three sessions and includes required homework assignments for each.

Required: Internet connection, speakers, and computer microphone required; webcam recommended but not mandatory. Connection via cell phone is strongly discouraged.

The online meeting's access information is included in the event confirmation email sent out after registering for the course. Please contact our Member Service Staff at if you cannot locate this email after registering.

A welcome email will be sent out before the event (2 to 3-days Prior) from the clinician leading your event.

Additional Event Details:

The session will be held over three evenings from 7-9 pm CT/ 8-10 pm ET

Access information for the event will be included in the event registration confirmation email.