Published On: February 12, 2021By 1.5 min read


This Valentine’s Day we encourage you to share your love of snowsports. We want you to shout from the mountaintops why you love what you do. Post your photos on social media by Valentine’s Day to share why you love your job, the snow, being outside, learning, or anything else that fills your heart.

Don’t have social media, but still want to share? Email us a photo and quote to and we will compile and share throughout the week.

“I love my job because I get to work with amazing educators and leaders from around the country.”

-Nick Herrin, National CEO with Eliza Kuntz, National Board Chair

“I love teaching skiing because anything can happen! A couple of years ago this little critter lost his momma and asked for help in a middle of a lesson. He was captured, rehabilitated and released back into the wild. The things we snowsports instructors do.” -Tad Sheldon

“I love spreading the love of skiing! Yesterday I pinned Level 1 instructors at Lee Canyon.” -Glen Plake

“I love that skiing is how we met!” -Kimberly Plake

“I love snowsports because there’s always a new challenge to conquer.”  -Francine Tone

Photo Credit: Aaron Rosen

“I love that my job is fun, healing and rewarding. I love that being outside we can explore nature and enjoy experiencing life in a more meaningful way.” – Gyöngyi Ridenour

“I love my job because of the friends I’ve made through skiing and snowboarding!” – Julie Matises

“I love ski goggle selfies in the sunshine. I love when I get to ride the chairlift alone with my husband and I love summit lunches with friends.” – Kristi Prochazka, Western CEO with Tomas Prochazka and National Board Member Walt Coiner